We work with a secure third party (Plaid) for our banking connections. Unfortunately if your bank or financial institution can not be found on our list it is not currently supported.

Plaid is constantly looking to improve the number of banks and financial institutions they support.  While they support thousands of institutions, there are some banks and credit unions that they are unable to support at this time. Unfortunately, this process is out of our hands and we can only hope they get to your bank soon.

In the mean time you can still add bills and subscriptions manually by heading to the "Recurring" tab and clicking the "Add a Bill" option at the bottom.

Some common banking apps, like Venmo and Cashapp, are not supported by Plaid yet, but we are working to find ways for you to enter that information into Truebill. If you don't see your bank, please message support within the app or at support@truebill.com and we'll do our best to find an alternative.

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