When requesting a pay advance, we'll ask you to confirm the repayment date. This repayment date should be the same as the date of your next paycheck, so that our repayment won't cause any overdraft fees. If the repayment date is incorrect, please contact support.

We will automatically charge your account on the repayment date after our overdraft prevention system checks your account balances. During this process banks provide us with an available balance and a current balance. Your available balance is the amount you can spend right now and your current balance include all of your money, which is the available balance PLUS transactions or deposits that are still pending.

If our overdraft prevention system detects that either balance is low enough that we might cause an overdraft fee, we will not process the repayment yet. The Truebill Dashboard will reflect your available balance, as that's the amount of money you have on hand, but most banks will display the current balance in their app.

Often times, this is due to your bank still processing a recent deposit or transaction. In those cases, your account will likely be charged either later in the day or the next day.

Our pay advance feature doesn't have late fees or penalties if your repayment doesn't process due to our overdraft prevention system and you will be able to continue using pay advances once the repayment has fully processed.

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