Like most major financial management apps, Truebill uses a secure service called Plaid to connect with your banking institutions. In a perfect world, once you link your accounts to Truebill, you are set to go! They will remain connected and Truebill will reliably receive information on a standard schedule (typically every 4 to 24 hours) from you banking institutions in the form of transactions and account balances. We use this data to display your accounts, transactions, and even subscriptions inside of Truebill. In this scenario, the status of a linked account will be healthy.

Infrequently, the connection of a linked account can break or partially break. Our team monitors these types of breakages daily. In these scenarios, you will see one of three statuses in the Truebill app that corresponds to a particular issue with that linked account.

Temporary Issue

Your linked account is not syncing with Truebill. For a short period of time, you will not see new transactions or account balances inside the Truebill app. In this scenario, your banking institution is usually having trouble sending information through Plaid to Truebill. This issue frequently resolves itself in a few days and its best to just wait it out for a few days. When your account is back up and running, the status will say healthy.


Your linked account is syncing with Truebill, but not on a regular schedule of every 4 to 24 hours. Rather, new information such as transactions and account balances is being updated inside of Truebill slowly. This scenario frequently resolves itself within a few days when your linked account will go back to syncing with Truebill on a regular schedule and its status will say healthy.

Needs Connection

Your account is not syncing with Truebill. To restore syncing, simply reconnect your account by clicking the red "Reconnect" button on your account page.

Alternatively, you can reconnect your account this way:

  1. Click the gear icon in the top left of the dashboard screen.

  2. Select "Financial Accounts"

  3. Select the 3 dots next to the account you would like to reconnect.

  4. Select "Unlink"

  5. Select the "Unlink my account" button. (Don't worry, you'll be reconnecting your account right after.)

  6. Once your account is unlinked, select "+Add Account" at the top of the "Financial Accounts" page and reconnect your account.

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