Approval for a pay advance depends on a number of factors, intended to ensure that Truebill does not cause any financial hardship by over drafting your bank account when the pay advance is repaid. Additionally, there are also a series of banking policies we must follow when sending a pay advance to your bank account and initiating the repayment.

To be considered for a pay advance, Truebill must first verify the following:

  1. Your paycheck is within 15 days.

  2. The checking account where you receive your paychecks is linked with Truebill and is not one of the banks listed below

  3. You have consistent paychecks and have received at last three paychecks in the past four months.

  4. You will have enough funds after your next paycheck to repay the advance.

  5. You do not have any outstanding pay advances.

Truebill's pay advance works for hundreds of banks. However, we are unfortunately unable to process a pay advance if your paychecks are deposited into the following bank accounts:

  • Chime Bank

  • Net Spend

  • Greendot

If you've met the above criteria, and still are not able to receive a pay advance, please see some of our troubleshooting tips below or message our Premium support team in the app and we’ll take a closer look!

1) One, or more, of your paychecks may not have been captured as part of your payroll. This often happens if your paycheck's description or frequency has changed recently. To double check this, you can head over to your Transactions tab and search for your most recent paycheck. Once you have selected your most recent paycheck, you will notice an “Is Paycheck” toggle below the paycheck’s description and amount (see below). Ensure this is toggled on to the correct payroll. Additionally, make sure your last 3 paychecks have this section toggled on.

2) A previous pay advance is still being processed (see below). If you received a pay advance from us previously, we won't be able to send over a new pay advance until the payback for the previous one is finished processing. This can take up to 5-7 business days.

3) Our overdraft protection system may be blocking us from sending an advance. We don't want to risk any fees from your bank when you repay, so we won't send an advance if we detect that the pay advance repayment might overdraft your account. Please double check that the checking account where you receive your paychecks has a positive balance in order to request an advance.

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