Truebill's Pay Advance is a quick and easy way to get extra money before your next payday. Once you've received your paycheck, you can pay us back with no interest and no extra fees.

Getting Started

To receive your pay advance, you'll need to have linked your bank accounts with Truebill and have an upcoming payday. Please contact the support team via the in-app chat if you run into any problems getting your Truebill account set up.

After you've set up your Truebill account, you can access your pay advance by selecting the green header right above your Cash on the Dashboard. After you've done that, select Get Paid Now to get started on your advance! 💰

Submitting the Advance

Next, you'll need to verify your identity and choose which debit card you want to receive, and pay back, your advance. Please note that this has to be a debit card and can't be a credit card or prepaid card. You will also be asked to verify your payback date for the advance.

After completing those steps, you'll have the option of providing a small tip if you want to and then you should see the advance in your bank account right away.


Repaying your advance is really easy! We'll automatically collect the repayment on the aforementioned date. If you want to repay your advance before then, you can do that easily on your Dashboard.

Please contact the support team either via the chat in the app or at if you have any questions!

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