What is it?

Truebill's Get Paid Early feature is a quick and easy way to access a bit of cash before your next payday. When you request a pay advance in the app, we will send you some money directly to your bank account. This happens instantly. On your next payday, you can pay us back with no interest and no fees.

Where is it in the app?

The Get Paid Early feature is located directly below the graph on your Dashboard Tab. Tap the Get paid early button. In the dropdown, tap the Get paid now button to begin your pay advance request! 💰

How do I request a pay advance?

  1. Once you tap the Get paid now button, you will be asked to select a cash amount. The amount you can request is based on a number of factors, however, over time you will be able to request more cash at a time, up to $125.

  2. Once you select an amount, you will be asked to confirm your payback date which is the date of your next paycheck. If for some reason, Truebill does not have the correct date for your next paycheck, have no fear! Unless your are quite late on your repayment, you will never repay your pay advance unless we are sure you have received your paycheck.

  3. Once you have confirmed your payback date, you will be asked to verify your identity. You only have to do this one time on your first pay advance request.

  4. Once you have verified your identity, you will be asked input or select a debit card. This will allow us to send you money instantly, as opposed to in several business days. After choosing a debit card and if everything looks good, you simply swipe at the bottom of the screen to receive your pay advance directly to your bank account!

  5. After requesting your advance, it will be in your bank account within seconds! You can choose to leave a small tip to keep the Get Paid Early feature up and running.

When will my pay advance be repaid?

After your next paycheck hits your bank account, your pay advance will be repaid. If you'd like to repay your pay advance early, you can do so by tapping the Repay Now button in the dropdown on your Dashboard Tab. Once it is repaid, you can request another pay advance whenever you need it!

How do I become eligible for the Get Paid Early feature?

Please see our eligibility requirements here.


Please contact our customer experience team via the chat in the app or at support@truebill.com if you have any questions!

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