If you need help, have any questions or would just like to provide feedback there are a few ways that you can connect with the Truebill team. 


You can start a conversation with our support team at any time while you're logged into Truebill. In the app, select the Settings gear icon in the top left corner to begin. 

From there, Premium members can tap on Premium Chat to start a conversation. 

If you are not a Premium member, tap on Help and then Chat with Support to get a conversation started! 

If you're logged into your account on the Truebill website, you can click on the blue chat icon on the bottom right side of your screen to start a conversation with our support team. 

Contact Us Page or Email

If you're unable to login to your Truebill account or you don't have one you can contact us via our webform here - truebill.com/contact

Additionally, you can send us an email at support@truebill.com

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