Truebill is a free app with optional paid services as well as a Smart Savings feature.  Here's a list of things that would show up as a Truebill charge or transfer on your bank or credit card statement.

  1. Smart Savings deposit or maintenance fee - If you are seeing a regular amount (usually a round amount like $10 / week or month) going to Truebill this is likely not a charge but rather a transfer to your Truebill Smart Savings account.  This is your own account at an FDIC insured bank and you have access to withdraw these funds at any time.  

    To do so, simply open the Truebill app, tap on Smart Savings, then tap on the Savings goal you want to withdraw from, then tap the Withdraw button.  Please note that you can only withdraw transfers once they have settled, which can take up to 4 business days.

    If you are not a Premium member and have a charge for $2 per month, that is a small maintenance fee to keep Smart Savings open. You can close the the account by going to Smart Savings on your Dashboard, selecting Edit Goal, and then Close this account

  2. Premium membership- If you are seeing a monthly transaction of $3, $4, $5, or $6 from Truebill, this is likely for Truebill Premium membership. If you see a one time transaction of $36 or $48, this is likely for our annual Premium membership. When signing up for Premium users can choose a whole dollar amount as low as $3 / mo.  You can cancel your subscription at any time from the Truebill App under Settings -> Premium and selecting Modify Payment at the bottom of the app.

  3. Bill negotiation fee - We compensate our users by charging them their choice of 30-60% of the first year savings (half of the cost of competitors who charge 40% of the first TWO years savings). While the savings come in over time, we collect the success fee as a single up front charge. However, for larger fees than expected, we also offer them to be split into multiple payments to make it easier on our customers. You can set up your own payment plan from the confirmation email you receive when your negotiation is completed, or contact us and we'll make it happen!

  4. Non user / fraud - If you see a charge from Truebill and you nor anyone in your household is a user of Truebill, it is possible someone has used your account.  Please contact us so we can find and reverse the charge.  When contacting us, please include your full name, email, the last 4 digits of the account that was charged, and the bank name.  This will enable us find the transaction and refund it.

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