Truebill is a free to use app, but we offer several OPTIONAL services that do cost money.  Here's how it works:

Premium: We allow Truebill users to choose your own price for Premium. You can choose on a sliding scale between $3-$12/month. The $3 and $4 options are billed annually

Premium features include: Syncing your balance, Premium Chat, Cancellations Concierge, Custom Categories, Unlimited Budgets, Smart Savings, and More. Premium subscriptions automatically renew and can be cancelled at any time.

You can cancel your Truebill Premium subscription at any time from within the Truebill app by:

  1. Go to the Settings tab in the app and select Premium.

  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select Modify Premium.

  3. Follow the confirmation steps to cancel your subscription. 

Bill Negotiation: Bill negotiation is a very time consuming process and is costly for us to do.  As a result, we must charge for it.  In order to avoid costing our customers money on an unsuccessful negotiation, we only charge IF a bill negotiation is successful. We charge your choice of a percentage of the first year savings as a success fee - you can choose any amount from 30% to 60% while submitting a negotiation request.

Pay Advance: Truebill Pay Advance is a Premium only feature, but does not have any additional costs or fees.

When requesting your pay advance, you may voluntarily elect to tip Truebill any amount between 0% and 24% of the advance size for the Pay Advance service.

This tip is completely optional and will in no way affect your Truebill service or eligibility for future Pay Advance usage. 

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